I am Happy Because Correct Course Along the Way is Now Published after 10 days

I was having a difficult time to publish Correct Course Along the for about 2 hours within 10 days because I am unfamiliar with wordpress.com or I’m not techie ūüôā hahaha.

I’m now listening to Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry Be Happy at youtube.com while typing this blog.

The philosophy of Correct Course Along The Way for blogging paves way for more excuses and reasons to take action to blog, to, Just Do It.

The book titled How To Be That Guy of Scott Ginsberg stated on page 81, “if you don’t have a blog, you’re a putz. It’s the most important part of the Internet today.”

Blogging is one the successful ways to do EUSTRESS to get rid of or lessen distress.

Listening to Bob Marley’s songs while blogging is a way cool to do¬†EUSTRESS.

My natural/nature dreadlocks is now more than eleven or twelve years. You will see some photos of mine with my long natural dreadlocks one of these days.

Check out a very short documentary film wherein I was part of, it is titled¬†Kongkretong Pawid: Isang Sulyap sa mga Batang Lansangan @ youtube.com. You will see my long dreadlocks there and I’m the only long dreadlocks guy there. The very short documentary film can only be watched through desktop computer because of the average technology used by the people who made it. Enjoy watching it.

Until for my next post.

Peace with more true love!





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