Blank Space

Blank space is often a fresh start and a beneficial continuity of our every day life.

Why blank space?

Try to figure out the answer/s. You can do it too because I’m often having a blank space every day that’s leading to important thinking, reading, writing, doing (steps), and a whole lot more. Like what I’m experiencing now, a blank space leading to more bigger than life. It can be compared to a puzzle wherein your figuring out and doing to make it work more for you in all areas/aspects of your life efficiently and effectively.

Perhaps or to some extent, you are now taking a ride with me to do ideas that matter.

Not so popular or not so publicized Bob Marley songs is really making an upbeat for me now. Still, listening to them while thinking and writing now. It’s like an all-nighter-caffeine. Wholesome music is really good for your soul, that’s why wholesome music is permitted at all times.

Wholesome music is making us more productive, effective, and truly in eustress state. It is making us more of a better person, a life worth living every moment. I’ll post this now.


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