I haven’t used the internet for 12 or 15 days

I haven’t used the internet for 12 or 15 days.

There are so many times that a considerable number of people talks more about himself than anybody else.

Most of us, there are physical exceptions for some people, physically have two eyes and two ears and one mouth.

Being an astute observer through seeing and listening is highly effective and powerful in practicing the timeless principles of life than talking wherein the floor is nearly entirely yours. Even a fool is perceived to be wise when he shuts his mouth, an ancient proverb.

Why writing? 

Because I have high respect for the written word and you can make adjustments about WRITING as you go along.

“Palest ink is better than the sharpest memory,” a saying of very good reminder value imparted to me by one of my schoolmates more than fifteen years ago.

I have talked before about music as permitted nearly all the time. I’m still listening to music while writing now, songs of Bob Marley and the to each his own motivating lyric to me of Guess Who’s Back, Back Again of Eminem’s Without Me.

The Guess Who’s Back, Back Again lyric of Eminem’s Without Me started making an exciting life-changing impact to me when I first watched the movie titled, Suicide Squad of Will Smith about a month ago, October, 2016.

Jim Rohn said, “You will never know what is life changing.”

I often remind people,  “That’s why you have to go, you must show up, and make adjustments as you go along. In other words, JUST DO IT AND CORRECT COURSE ALONG THE WAY.

Your Eustress.


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