Cool Eustress Words From Scott Adams and Peter Diamandis From The Book Tools of Titans By Tim Ferriss

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Losers have goals. Winners have systems.—-Scott Adams

When I first started blogging, my future wife often asked about what my goal was. The blogging seemed to double my workload while promising a 5 percent higher income that didn’t make any real difference in my life. It seemed a silly use of time. I tried explaining that blogging was a system, not a goal. But I never did a good job of it. I’ll try again here.

Writing is a skill that requires practice. So the first part of my system involves practicing on a regular basis. I didn’t know what I was practicing for, exactly, and that’s what makes it a system and not a goal. I was moving from a place with low odds (being an out-of-practice writer) to a place of good odds (a well-practiced writer with higher visibility).

So the payday for blogging eventually arrived, but I didn’t know in advance what path it would take.

My blogging has kicked up dozens of business opportunities over the past years, so it could have taken any direction.

Those are cool eustress words from Scott Adams.

Here are cool eustress words from Peter Diamandis:

I think of problems as gold mines. The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities.

When 99 percent of people doubt you, you’re either gravely wrong or about to make history.


Are you working on something that can change the world? Yes or no? The answer for 99.99999% of people is ‘no.’ I think we need to be training people on how to change the world.



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