Consistently Without Fail: To Post At Least One Blog Or More Every Day Or Every Night

Consistently without fail every day or every night even if I’m bone tired or lack sleep, or doing mundane tasks, to challenge myself to do at least one blog post or more every day or every night because there are times I only post a blog after many weeks or more than a month.

I had a wonderful experience today in the local government offices of Imus, Cavite province.

As an astute observer, I find the local government offices in Imus, province as one of the best role models of local government offices in the Philippines because I experienced firsthand for the second time their reliability, effectiveness, et cetera. My words are not enough, make it your firsthand experience there when you have an opportunity for it.

I’m very sleepy and somehow tired now because I really had a very long day and night that’s really worthwhile. I’m just challenging myself to do the at least one blog post every day or every night.

Consistently without fail, do your best every day and every night to make your life a Cool Eustress. You can do it like I do.


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