Just Do It: Enjoy and Learn

There are so many things to write and post-publish day in, day out but most of the things I write daily is privately handwritten in my dozens or hundreds of notebooks, index cards, yellow pads, et cetera.

About 90 percent or more of them are unpublished and are privately only for the eyes of very few selected people, although some of them will be published in variety of publishing platforms in the future.

Whenever I’m writing to post-publish I’m experiencing a degree of difficulty to come up with its title.

I take time to write daily consistently without fail that’s why I don’t let writer’s block excuses to get in my way because I’m always a big believer that you can correct course along the way or make adjustments along the way when it comes to your writing or any worthwhile undertaking in your life.

You Just Do It. Your Cool Eustress.

I really read so many books for so many hours passionately daily that’s why there are days that I don’t post-publish.

That’s why Ryan Holiday is absolutely right when he wrote that reading is deep work.

Honestly without any degree of exaggeration, I’m really advocating that you read more books during the daily waking hours of your life because you can find time and full attention to do it.

You have the resourcefulness, resiliency, discipline, and challenge to do it.

Awaken or unleash it.

I love to share to you now something from one of the books I’m reading today.

The book title is Michael Phelps: The Untold Story Of A Champion authored by Bob Schaller.

You can be reflective or thoughtful about these written words from the book:

Set goals and challenge yourself, but realize that it’s a fine line to balance to where you take it too seriously,” Natalie Coughlin says.

“Don’t let it consume you, and enjoy it and learn as you go.

The key point is, first of all, to love what you do and do what you love.

Second of all, it’s to realize that with success you have to experience failure.

Success is that much more meaningful when you have the experience of failure, or just the ups and downs—-the big challenges.

When you experience failure, it can and should make you better.”


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