Writing A Blog When You’re Very Sleepy

Writing a blog when you’re very sleepy isn’t just a matter of the elements of style but also a matter of atomic style because you somehow want to keep it short, lean, and clear at the same time beneficial or a real take home for your readers.

That’s why I somehow subscribed to the notion of short writing and microstyle because there are many times it is really good for you as a reader and a writer.

Roy Peter Clark wrote:

In his book Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little, Christopher Johnson writes, “Messages of just a word, a phrase, or a short sentence or two—micromessages—lean heavily on every word and live or die by the tiniest stylistic choices.

Micromessages depend not on the elements of style but on the atoms of style.”

To which Roy Peter Clark would add, “Not just the atoms of style but the quirks and quarks of style as well.”

Roy Peter Clark added:

Now for the good news:

writing in short forms does not require the sacrifice of literary values.

The poet Peter Meinke talks about the power that comes from focus, wit, and polish.

Focus is the unifying theme.

Wit is the governing intelligence.

Polish creates the sparkle that comes from careful word choice and revision.


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