Every 24 Hours

One of the biggest challenges to me every 24 hours is the perennial question-and-answer if I’ll spend and invest more time and attention on writing or reading good books particularly on writing more to learn, learning more to write, and reading good books to learn more.

Aside from the other every 24 hour challenges of push-ups; sit-ups; breathing exercises; stretching; preparing, timing, and eating truly healthy Superfood; walking thousands of steps; stamina-endurance obstacle/training; experiencing good sleep; unconventional work; et cetera.

Truly, we only have enough time and attention every 24 hours and we also have little and big challenges with struggles that’s disguised with true happiness, rewarding process, and very meaningful moments.

That’s why we must do our best every 24 hours to prioritize and do more with less, to simplify our lives and not to overdo.


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