I Love The Philippines: Happy Island, Catanduanes Province, Bicol Region, WOW Philippines!

I experienced firsthand this short video within the first or second week of April, 2018 when the native children of Baras, Happy Isaland Catanduanes province were playing under the heat of the sun with very strong winds and the very loud sounds of winds of nature that will really blow you away and will make you hear the very loud noise of nature’s creation that isn’t a noise pollution.

A beautiful and natural visual, audio, and feelings of priceless and meaningful firsthand experience wherein the native children of Baras, Happy Island Catanduanes province were playing the great gifts of the wonders of nature that is bestowed to them for free, for so many of the best things of life are free and that each moment has its own beauty; no money and no expensive artificial toys involved to truly enjoy the priceless life moment of the happy native children at the not commercialized seashore.

I’ll continue writing more about this firsthand experience because it’s really pretty way cool, a cool eustress.




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