You Must Do Your True Health Adventure

You Must Do Your True Health Adventure

Achieving today my two sets of 55 push-ups, stamina-endurance-obstacle training, and intermittent fasting/warrior’s diet is a priceless and meaningful adventure.

I love to share to you now some of firsthand pictures of what I eat and drink today for true health adventure.

Organic Manuka Honey and a ceramic mug.

Organic Manuka Honey that’s about to be mixed by me with Philippine native Tablea/Cacao and good coffee.

Firsthand picture of Philippine native Tablea/Cacao before it’s dissolve.

It’s optimal to intake this true health Superfood after drinking one or two 250ml of healthy water, 20 or 30 minutes of interval is best.

It’s optimal to intake healthy water and this true health Superfood with an empty stomach after sleeping and getting up.

Manuka Honey is from the Leptospermum species of flowering plants, native to New Zealand and Australia.

The common name for Leptospermum is Manuka.

This Manuka Honey is from hives that are pure, pollution-free environments sustaining healthy bees to thrive and produce the highest quality honeys.

Manuka Honey for many centuries is used as a natural source of great energy and liveliness.

This organic Philippine native Tablea/Cacao is from locally grown Cacao beans.

The Cacao are dried, roasted, ground, and formed in somehow big tablet that’s traditionally consumed to make hot chocolate in the Philippines.

This Philippine native Tablea/Cacao I’m consuming is organic and sustainably produced by Indigenous People of the Philippines.

One hundred percent of the proceeds of the Philippine native Tablea/Cacao that I bought will directly contribute to the education and livelihood of the Philippine Indigenous Communities.

Let’s make the world/planet earth brighter from our little and big ways and means, resiliency and resourcefulness.

Make your sustainable living.

Make your priceless and meaningful life.

Make true difference in people’s lives.

Let’s make together our ecosystem sustainable and thriving.


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