My Very Own Recipe of Summer Morning-Afternoon Cool Eustress True Healthy Drink :-)

My Very Own Recipe of Summer Morning-Afternoon Cool Eustress True Healthy Drink

I’m in the zone now because I did again my proper breathing exercises with my close eyes saying and visualizing very affirmative, positive, bright, and resourceful words, thoughts, and images without distraction for about 33 minutes right after I open my eyes when I wake up today’s morning.

I learn that strategic-tactical advantage-proper-breathing exercises from the books of Anthony Robbins and David Wolfe. Although, I personally customized it according to my very own pacing and I called and branded it firsthand strategic-tactical-advantage-proper-breathing exercises.

I synergized/optimized the strategic-tactical-advantage-proper-breathing-exercises with very Cool Eustress morning routine YouTube videos right after doing it with my close eyes for about 33 minutes without distraction.

There’s a high probability why I’m writing this post now directly from this very simple and most affordable ASUS Android mobile phone of mine because of those focus very important actions that are really essential parts of what I call and brand firsthand, The Art and Science of True Success and True Achievement of Cool Eustress.

The pictures I included in this post are all primarily sustainable, renewable, and are essential part of making a true difference day in day out because I’m always a big believer of doing what you are really able to do that are truly making a difference in people’s lives whether it’s very small/little or in a big way. A solar panel that I’m using nowadays is part of the pictures. You just have to do it every single day of your waking hours in life, just do your part.

I’m writing now located at the open door of my humble abode with the help of a very sunny summer afternoon and clear skies.

My Very Own Recipe of Summer Morning-Afternoon Cool Eustress True Healthy Drink are like putting the pieces of the puzzle :-). Here are the ingredients for your own Cool Eustress priceless and meaningful benefits not just for me. You can experience doing it once in a while or often according to your true healthy Cool Eustress preferences.

1. Enagic Kangen Water that’s not boiled and only above a bit lukewarm.

2. Organic Wild Honey

3. Organic Sugar

4. Organic True Coffee

5. Non-Dairy Creamer

6. Tetley Cinnamon Orange with a twist of Rooibos (Naturally Caffeine Free). The ingredients of this Flavoured Herbal Infusion are Rooibos, Cinnamon, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Natural Flavours, Cardamom, Clove Buds, Orange Blossom, Star Anise

7. Tetley Pure Black Tea Extra Strong

8. Ceramic Mug

First and foremost, put all the grinded/grounded/powdered ingredients inside the ceramic mug then the liquid organic wild honey and Enagic Kangen Water. Mix it all very well with a wood spoon or a spoon that’s only available to you. Afterwards, dip up and down the tea bags dozen of times for rich, full-bodied, and full strength natural flavor. No need to boil Enagic Kangen Water because of its very small molecules many times over compared to ordinary drinking water. Also because when Enagic Kangen Water isn’t boiled including all the ingredients, the Superfood nutrients are retained and optimized/synergies for your very own advantage.

You can be creative, innovative, and resourceful with all those Cool Eustress Truly Healthy Ingredients according to your preferences and educated truly healthy lifestyle choices.

Always remember there are countless and priceless things to be thankful/grateful, to be compassionate, and to be truly happy that you truly have always whatever your circumstances in life. You know them all very well. No need for me to tell them all to you one by one.

Cool Eustress: Just Do It and Correct Course Along The Way (Make Adjustments Along The Way)


Cheers for a True Healthy Cup of Coffee! Ain’t Nothin’ But the Real Deal.

Cheers for a True Healthy Cup of Coffee! Ain’t Nothin’ But the Real Deal.

I’m now having my third cup/mug of a different kind of wild and organic coffee also with a different kind of wild and organic honey. Kangen water is still one of the best water for the best cup/mug of true coffee.

The wild and organic true coffee I am drinking now is called Alamid coffee or Palm Civet coffee. I’m also combining it wild and organic Liberica coffee and Four Sigmatic coffee Stay Awake with Mushroom Cordyceps and Chaga.

It’s kind a funny because the Palm Civet coffee or Alamid coffee that I have now traveled all the way from South East Asia, Arab countries, France, and here in the Philippines.

To be continued…

International Cool Eustress Day (June 4, 2017)

I’m having a blast, flashing a fluorescent smile :-), and experiencing cool sensible fun in many towns of a province here in the Philippines. I just finished my many hours of cooleustress-obstacle-stamina-endurance training/course in the middle of an intense rain. I just finished breathing-exercises, walking, jogging, running, hiking, and biking for many hours in the middle of an intense rain. Way too cool, cool eustress. The natural splendor, the wonders of nature, are surrounding me and supporting me to be my very best.

I am all fresh and organic 🙂 hahaha. Literally, all the TRUE FOOD I’m eating here is TRULY ORGANIC and FRESH; the handpicked by me of fruits from their trees; mangoes, bananas, hearts of banana trees, jackfruits, guyabano; and vegetables like moringa/malunggay, alugbati; organic/free-range chicken, eggs, wild honey we harvested, et cetera.

Always remember the primary asset of your life is NOT MONEY, your most valuable commodity is YOUR TIME.

I am highly productive here, all the books I’m reading, the thousands of words I’m writing, et cetera.

Thank You. Thank You


To be continued…..