My Very Own Recipe of Summer Morning-Afternoon Cool Eustress True Healthy Drink :-)

My Very Own Recipe of Summer Morning-Afternoon Cool Eustress True Healthy Drink

I’m in the zone now because I did again my proper breathing exercises with my close eyes saying and visualizing very affirmative, positive, bright, and resourceful words, thoughts, and images without distraction for about 33 minutes right after I open my eyes when I wake up today’s morning.

I learn that strategic-tactical advantage-proper-breathing exercises from the books of Anthony Robbins and David Wolfe. Although, I personally customized it according to my very own pacing and I called and branded it firsthand strategic-tactical-advantage-proper-breathing exercises.

I synergized/optimized the strategic-tactical-advantage-proper-breathing-exercises with very Cool Eustress morning routine YouTube videos right after doing it with my close eyes for about 33 minutes without distraction.

There’s a high probability why I’m writing this post now directly from this very simple and most affordable ASUS Android mobile phone of mine because of those focus very important actions that are really essential parts of what I call and brand firsthand, The Art and Science of True Success and True Achievement of Cool Eustress.

The pictures I included in this post are all primarily sustainable, renewable, and are essential part of making a true difference day in day out because I’m always a big believer of doing what you are really able to do that are truly making a difference in people’s lives whether it’s very small/little or in a big way. A solar panel that I’m using nowadays is part of the pictures. You just have to do it every single day of your waking hours in life, just do your part.

I’m writing now located at the open door of my humble abode with the help of a very sunny summer afternoon and clear skies.

My Very Own Recipe of Summer Morning-Afternoon Cool Eustress True Healthy Drink are like putting the pieces of the puzzle :-). Here are the ingredients for your own Cool Eustress priceless and meaningful benefits not just for me. You can experience doing it once in a while or often according to your true healthy Cool Eustress preferences.

1. Enagic Kangen Water that’s not boiled and only above a bit lukewarm.

2. Organic Wild Honey

3. Organic Sugar

4. Organic True Coffee

5. Non-Dairy Creamer

6. Tetley Cinnamon Orange with a twist of Rooibos (Naturally Caffeine Free). The ingredients of this Flavoured Herbal Infusion are Rooibos, Cinnamon, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Natural Flavours, Cardamom, Clove Buds, Orange Blossom, Star Anise

7. Tetley Pure Black Tea Extra Strong

8. Ceramic Mug

First and foremost, put all the grinded/grounded/powdered ingredients inside the ceramic mug then the liquid organic wild honey and Enagic Kangen Water. Mix it all very well with a wood spoon or a spoon that’s only available to you. Afterwards, dip up and down the tea bags dozen of times for rich, full-bodied, and full strength natural flavor. No need to boil Enagic Kangen Water because of its very small molecules many times over compared to ordinary drinking water. Also because when Enagic Kangen Water isn’t boiled including all the ingredients, the Superfood nutrients are retained and optimized/synergies for your very own advantage.

You can be creative, innovative, and resourceful with all those Cool Eustress Truly Healthy Ingredients according to your preferences and educated truly healthy lifestyle choices.

Always remember there are countless and priceless things to be thankful/grateful, to be compassionate, and to be truly happy that you truly have always whatever your circumstances in life. You know them all very well. No need for me to tell them all to you one by one.

Cool Eustress: Just Do It and Correct Course Along The Way (Make Adjustments Along The Way)


Welcome to the Four Sigmatic Store

Welcome to the Four Sigmatic Store


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Paperbacks I’m Reading Nowadays (Day In and Day Out) that Will Somehow Benefit You

Paperbacks I’m Reading Nowadays (Day In and Day Out) that Will Somehow Benefit You

By Byron M. Vidal

  • Great Coffee: The Coffee Lover’s Guide by Kevin Sinnott
  • A takeaway from the book that I think will somehow surprise you: What Do Coffee Bubbles Mean? Bubbles appear to form in the center when weather will be fair. If they form at the sides, it means rain. If they scatter all over, the weather will change. Strangely, meteorologists appear to confirm this. The science is attributed to the way air pressure affects coffee’s surface tension. Betcha didn’t know that your cup of coffee is also a weather vane. Be sure to use a cup of strong coffee. Weak or instant coffee doesn’t work.
  • The Obstacle Is The Way: The Ancient Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage by Ryan Holiday
  • A takeaway from the book that I think will somehow benefit you: Our understanding of the world of business is all mixed up with storytelling and mythology. Which is funny because we’re missing the real story by focusing on individuals. In fact, half the companies in the Fortune 500 were started during a bear market or recession. Half. The point is that most people start from disadvantage (often with no idea they are doing so) and do just fine. It’s not unfair, it’s universal. Those who survive it, survive because they took things day by day—-THAT’S THE REAL SECRET. Focus on the moment, not the monsters that may or may not be up ahead. The implications of our obstacle are theoretical—-they exist in the past and the future. We live in the moment. And the more we embrace that, the easier the obstacle will be to face and move.
  • Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday
  • A takeaway from the book that I think you already know or didn’t know: Everything you consume online has been “optimized” to make you dependent on it. Content is engineered to be clicked, glanced at, or found—-like a trap designed to bait, distract, and capture you. Blogs are out to game you—-to steal your time from you and sell it to advertisers—-and they do this every day. The idea that the web is empowering is just a bunch of rattling, chattering talk. YOU SIT DOWN TO YOUR COMPUTER TO WORK. FIVE minutes later you’re on your fifth YouTube video of talking babies. What happened? Do you just not have any self-control? Sorry, but self-control has got nothing to do with it. Not when the clip was deliberately made more attractive by subliminally embedded images guaranteed to catch your attention. Not when the length of the video was calibrated to be precisely as long as average viewers are statistically most likely to watch. Would you also be surprised to hear that the content of the video was designed around popular search terms? And that the title went through multiple iterations to see which got the most clicks? And what if the video you watch after this one (and the one after that and after that) had been recommended and optimized by YouTube with the deliberate intention of making online video take up as much time in your life as television does? No wonder you can’t get any work done. They won’t let you. The key, as megawatt liberal blogger Matt Yglesias advised when interviewed for the book Making It in the Political Blogosphere, is to keep readers addicted: “The idea is to discourage people from drifting away. If you give them a break, they might find that there’s something else that’s just as good, and they might go away.” We once naively believed that blogs would be a boon to democracy. Unlike TV, the web wasn’t about passive consumption. Blogs were about engagement and citizen activism. Blogs looked like they would free us from a crummy media world of bias, conflict, manipulation, and sensationalism. But as James Fennimore Cooper presciently observed in the nineteenth century, “If newspapers are useful in overthrowing tyrants, it is only to establish a tyranny of their own.” Tyranny is an understatement for the media today. Those between the ages of eight and eighteen are online roughly eight hours a day, a figure that does not include texting or television. America spends more than fifty billion minutes a day on Facebook, and nearly a quarter of all Internet browsing time is spent on social media sites and blogs. In a given month, blogs stream something like 150 million video streams to their users. So of course there is mass submission and apathy—-everyone is distracted, deliberately so.
  • Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising by Ryan Holiday
  • A takeaway from the book that I think will somehow remind you: Growth hacking had made “marketing” irrelevant, or at the very least it had completely rewritten its best practices. Instead, we will focus on the mindset—-it’s far and away the most important part.

    “I prefer the discipline of knowledge to the anarchy of ignorance. We pursue knowledge the way a pig pursues truffles.”    —-David Ogilvy

I Truly Love Superfood

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5 Healing Powers of Mushrooms You Did Not Know

  1. Mushrooms can help reduce obesity.Obesity is often associated not with caloric surplus, but with low-grade chronic inflammation and intestinal dysbiosis. Several medicinal mushrooms, like reishi and maitakehave been shown in animal studies to reduce body weight, inflammation, and insulin resistance.


  1. Mushrooms can help heal your gut.Since ancient times, medicinal mushrooms have been used to treat various illnesses, but only in the last few decades have Western research discovered why. The most potent active compounds, polysaccharides called “beta glucans,” are now known to get absorbed in the colon. Research from 2015 showed reishi mushroom modulate the composition of the gut microbiota,which proved what most had expected, that medicinal mushrooms’ healing properties are related to improved gut health.
  2. Mushrooms can help your skin, hair, and eye quality.Our skin is our largest organ, but it’s often the last place to get nutrients from your diet. Melanin is the pigment that’s produced on our skin when we get tanned from the sun that helps our skin look vibrant and gorgeous. Surprisingly high amounts of melanin are also found in the black outer parts of the chagamushroom.Melanin has been proven to improve hair and eye quality. With strong antioxidant properties, chaga mushrooms may also prevent you from getting sunburnt, improve your hair quality and make your eyes shine.


  1. Mushrooms can improve your sex drive.Mushrooms like cordycepshave been used as aphrodisiacs in Asian countries for centuries. Western science has proven that unlike some other aphrodisiacs, these actually might work. A study at Stanford Medical School found an increase in the 17-ketosteroid in the urine of men taking it, which indicates an increase in the subject’s sex drive and function. Controlled animal tests also offer credible evidence that regular Cordyceps use decreases recovery time between orgasms, and increases the volume of semen production.


  1. Mushrooms might help make you smarter.Some mushrooms, like reishiand cordycepshave been touted as strong “adaptogens.” This means taking them can help your body adapt to stressors better, and stay focused on the task in hand. Additionally, lion’s mane mushrooms have had early studies showing how regular eating of it can result in significant benefits to cognitive impairment.

So there are five lesser known healing effects mushrooms might have. And they’re all pretty amazing, right? Well, it may get even more interesting: google mushrooms and cancer. This should take you down a PRETTY INTERESTING rabbit hole…


The story is pretty much the same everywhere; most people think that the word “mushroom” means a few culinary mushrooms (for example, the button mushroom) or hallucinogenic mushrooms (ironically, they can’t name any). It’s very common that say to me things like “Aren’t all mushrooms carcinogenic?” Or, “All mushrooms cause fungal diseases.” To me, this is like saying that all animals are bad because horses kill about 20 people each year (true story). It’s a massive generalization.

Here are 6 interesting things about mushrooms that I’ve collected to show you why our level of appreciation towards fungi is so high.

  1. Mushrooms are surprisingly close to humans

Mushrooms and mammals share 30-50% or more of the same genes, making us far closer to mushrooms than to bacteria or plants. The bad news is that because of this genetic similarity, the same pathogens that hit fungi usually affect us. The good news is that the same defense mechanisms fungi use can also help us when we consume them, hence the whole genre of medicinal mushrooms.

  1. Mushrooms are some of the oldest organisms alive

The largest living organism on planet Earth is a fungus discovered only a little over 10 years ago in Eastern Oregon’s conifer forest. This Armillaria solidipes fungi (the fungi formerly known as Prince, I mean Armillaria ostoyae) covers the size of roughly 20,000 basketball courts (8.4 km²) and weighs more than the great Blue Whale. It also could be the oldest living organism on Earth, with an estimated age of 2,400 years. 

  1. Mushrooms are their own kingdom

In biology, fungi are classified as its own kingdom, along with 4 to 5 others kingdoms such as: animalia, plantae, chromista, protozoa, and bacteria. Being on the same “level” as plants is already an indicator that fungi play a massive role in biology. British mycologist Dr. David L. Hawksworth, of the International Mycological Association, made a conservative estimate that there are at least 1.5 million species of fungi on earth (using a hypothesis that there are 6x the amount of fungi to every plant). The fungi kingdom is still vastly unknown to us humans, depending on the source, some believe we’ve only discovered 99,000 species of fungi, with new species are found at the rate of 1,200 per year. At that pace, it will take more than 1,100 years to catalog and describe all remaining fungi. Sadly, many of these fungi are very likely to become extinct before they are ever discovered.

  1. Mushroom are the basis of many drugs

Currently, we’ve identified that roughly 400 species of fungi have medicinal properties. According to experts, at least 40% of our drugs directly or indirectly utilize mushrooms. Herbalist Robert Rogers estimates that 126 medicinal functions are believed to be produced by medicinal mushrooms. Judging by these figures, it is not surprising to hear that during the last decade, there have been over 100,000 studies on medicinal mushrooms in Asia alone. The most famous “mushroom drug” is mold fungus based penicillin. After 1928, when Dr. Alexander Fleming “found” it, penicillin has been said to save tens of millions of people (some say even over 200 million lives but who really knows for sure?).

  1. Mushrooms are faster, stronger, larger…

If organism had an Olympic games, mushrooms would probably score more medals than China. In high jump, even Javier Sotomayor at his best couldn’t compete with fungus that ejects its spores with more than 20,000 G’s of force! Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman would look like a marathon runner next to the prehistoric reproductive fungal structures that were up to 25 feet high. And finally in the sport of ultra masculinity, Rocco Siffredi & Co. would have to stand in awe to Calvatia gigantea that can produce 20 trillion spores in its lifetime. If each spore would grow into another fully mature mushroom, those 20 trillion puffballs would equal a mass 3x greater than the Sun.

  1. Mushrooms can save the world in many ways

Fungi are known as extremophiles, which means they can live anywhere from the Sahara Deserts to the Arctic. Besides being able to break down oil – which is impressive by itself – fungi can also break down extremely toxic chemical weapons of mass destruction and nerve agents like Sarin and VX. With melanin pigments fungi can feed itself purely on ionizing radiation and maybe because of this fact there has been fungi sightings in both spacecrafts and nuclear waste zones (the reactor core of Chernobyl, for example). Fungi are also used to remove pollutants in the field of bioremediation

Proudly introducing: Mushroom Coffee with Chaga and Cordyceps


  • High quality 100% Arabica Coffee instantized, lab tested for purity (40 mg of caffeine per dose)
  • Amazing amount of antioxidants for heart health
  • A good daily dose (500 mg) of strong dual-extracted medicinal mushrooms
  • Chaga mushroom to balance the acidity of coffee
  • Cordyceps mushroom to balance the caffeine kick which supports the adrenal glands


  • Half the caffeine, double the effects – without sacrificing the gourmet coffee flavour
  • Less acidity than regular coffee – no more stomach burn
  • Support for the adrenal glands and immune system with adaptogenic mushrooms

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