Justin Bieber’s Overboard

After a month or so of not posting or publishing here and also after a month or so of not checking/opening my emails, it’s only now for the first time that I listen to Justin Bieber’s Overboard song and it’s also now for the first time that I read for a few times its lyrics. There are more than 1,001 reasons under the sun why I’m now listening to this song and why I read its lyrics. It’s cool, cool eustress, sweet, romantic, and for true love :-). I’m not a Justin Bieber fun but it really makes sense to listen to this song over and over again.

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2017 Aces Charity Celebrity Basketball Game

It’s somehow luck, chance, funny, and cool because I only find now at first glance and first search this picture/photo of Justin Bieber in those terms, at the same time the first game of my basketball team High Hoops took place only many hours ago. I’m the basketball team consultant and co-team-manager of the basketball team High Hoops. That’s why I decided to choose these pictures/photos of Justin Bieber. It’s also because for a good cause/charity event wherein Justin Bieber is involved. I love so much good cause/charity events.

I’m listening for so many times, over and over again, to Justin Bieber’s Overboard song while typing/doing/making this post/blog :-), pretty way cool, cool eustress.

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