Using The Internet Only After Many Days Or Weeks, Or Even Only After Months For So Many Years Is Serving Me Well

Using The Internet Only After Many Days Or Weeks, Or Even Only After Months For So Many Years Is Serving Me Well

By Byron M. Vidal


Because you will truly learn to be compassionate and grateful of your overall human existence. That’s why I’m challenging and convincing you now to experience it yourself.

You can email me about your first hand experience about this post because if you are truly honest to yourself you will somehow admit that you truly feel good about yourself.

Everything’s Gonna Be All Right by doing this priceless exercise yourself. I’m listening to Bob Marley’s music while making this post for you and for myself. Listening to Bob Marley’s music is an effective tool for me to write more for you and for myself.

Don’t Worry About A Thing Because Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be All Right, straight from Bob Marley’s music. This is my message to you, from Bob Marley too.

Using The Internet Only After Many Days Or Weeks, Or Even Only After Months For So Many Years Is Serving Me Well Because It’s An Example Of A Cool Eustress.

I’m not only writing for you and for myself but also to all the people around the world who are doing this priceless act relentlessly.

You and I are using the internet for effective reasons and actions. We are using the internet for effective reasons and actions. Internet is truly a wonderful tool for all of us.

Experiencing your priceless life without the internet for many days or weeks, or even months is also a wonderful experience. Words are not enough to describe it. Feel it yourself.

Experience to make and drink your true coffee with Kangen water when you are reading a good book, writing your thoughts, and doing your proper exercise that truly fits you. Your Cool Eustress.

My true coffee nowadays is Arabica true coffee from Benguet province, Philippines combined with Barako true coffee from Batangas province, Philippines. I was told this combination is called Espresso coffee. I also combine this combination to Palm Civet True Coffee also known as Alamid coffee.

All of my true coffee beans are roasted and grounded within a week and I consume all of them in less than a month for its true freshness and true health benefits. True coffee at its best which is only giving you best results because when it comes to true coffee I’m not settling for less than the extraordinary, only the best true coffee.

The only water I’m using for my true coffee is true spring or mountain water from Taytay Falls, Mount Cristobal, town of Majayjay, Laguna province, Philippines or Kangen Water.

Seth Godin wrote, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

So many people nowadays are missing the true essentials of life. They are missing the beauty of making adjustments in life. They are missing the true wonders of Cool Eustress.

Just Do It. Your Cool Eustress.


My Most Recent Photos with Close Affinity to Nature

Byron M. Vidal here and Australian Ronnie experiencing his first time in the Philippines. The waterfalls is called Taytay Falls in Majayjay town, Laguna province, Philippines. I went and stayed in Taytay Falls for more than one hundred times because exploring the natural wonders there is true nature adventure and cool eustress.

I only have about one or two hours of sleep then because I was only trying to sleep while riding different kinds of public transport and the important appointments and tasks took place within 48 hours. I’ll share the stories that took place on one of my next posts.

These photos took place on Monday and Tuesday of February 6 and 7, 2017. My uncle Isagani and uncle Ruding was with us in Palasan, Sta. Cruz (the capital of Laguna province), Laguna province because Ronnie and I visited them before and after we went to Taytay Falls, many towns of Laguna province, and the town of Lucban in Quezon province.

I love to somehow dedicate these photos, post, and wonderful and meaningful experience to the World War II Heroes of the town of Lucban in Quezon province and to all the good-natured people of Barangay Taytay, Majayjay, Laguna for they are not only wholesome to people going there but also to their true wealth of nature and surroundings. Thank you to all of you, people of Lucban and Majayjay. Thank you.


Cool Eustress: Just Do It and Correct Course Along The Way (Make Adjustments Along The Way). Thank You. Your Cool Eustress.

Thank You, Byron M. Vidal here.

Thank You, Byron M. Vidal here  szhffyiuh

Byron M. Vidal is a maverick. Passionate to insights about the world which apply far more generally than the hyped, exaggerated, and unrealistic so-called expert advice. He practices that true success is not about glory of men, publicity, limelight, and glory itself. He is an advocate of mobile lifestyle in unique places, and as a habit is doing his own best cup of true organic coffee experience from sun-drying the coffee fruit himself, peeling its hard coverings himself, hand-roasting the green coffee beans himself, and grounding the roasted coffee himself. For him, it’s the best kind of cup of coffee experience.  



Thank You